our very own spectacle..

Evel days in Butte was this weekend and it was a pretty crazy time.  I have said this before and I will say it again because I have so many images in my head- Butte has some of the best people watching.  Lots of characters.  MOST of the people that are ‘interesting’ to watch…are not from Butte though… they just gather here.  seriously.

I wish I could take pictures and put them on here…but I would lose sleep over the possibility of my having pictures of someone’s aunt or gramma or something.  ..

Anyways…. Tucker and I had a babysitter come out to our house, so that we could have dinner and some drinks and watch the events uptown.  We were at Metals around 9 pm when I got this text from the babysitter;

‘There is a huge pig in the yard that came in and ate all the dogs food ..is that normal or should I be worried?’

So I reply to her;

‘Please chase her away..maybe grab some pots and pans and bang them at her..she will run away’

She wrote back and said that the pig was gone and I tried to explain (in a text) that her name is Buzz….          and she is nice        but she bullies Lena around.  When I got home I apologized for not ‘warning’ the babysitter that we have a 200 lb. pig that wanders to our front door and terrorizes the puppy and eats all of the food and drinks the water.  She said that the main reason she was confused is because when she asked Cutler if he has a pig he told her no..but then asked her if he could pet the pig. 

Yeah I can see why she was worried. 

Buzz looks like she is on a mission to eat the house.

Today… we mowed the lawn and Buzz made her way to the grass clippings pile and chowed down every blade of grass.. it was incredibly entertaining to watch.

she is so confused as to what she is..  she eats the dog food and barks at the puppy when the puppy barks.  She eats grass because she has lived with two calves for several months -and she is always rubbing up on Boise the cat…in a very “cat-like” way.  Poor Buzz.

I just cant believe I asked the babysitter to chase the pig with pots and pans… lol

yes, we paid her extra.