birthday hangover

28, I decided is when birthdays become less exciting.  I feel like I am just sliding into 30 and I am just being honest, it doesn’t make me jump for joy.  I had a fabulous year of being 27 and I am sure 28 will be better but, I don’t want to talk about the number 28.  Thats all.

I had a great Valenbirth.. and although it was not extravagant, it was simple and perfect and that is what I like.   My husband has it rough (he would say) to have the day celebrating LOVE and the one singular day where women all over are being pampered, spoiled, and made to feel beautiful by their significant other.  Their desks fill up with flowers, balloons, chocolates, wine, and fragrant bath salts.  Oh what fun it is – this fourteenth day of February. People get engaged and married on this day every year because …why, it IS the LOVE-liest day of the year.  Poor Tucker- he has to slam all of THAT into a combo package with my birthday!  What a rip-off right? People men say, “Oh poor guy, double whammy.”  I say, “You are getting off easy.. you have to spoil me ONE day out of the whole year!”  and although it took him 6 years to grasp what I meant by ‘spoil’.  He nailed it this year.

Yes, I LOVE these roses and I love the boots that he bought me BUT above all these ‘things’ this is what I love the most..

Now, I will say that the list could have/should have been a wee bit longer but apparently he began to cross things off the list because he didn’t want to exhaust himself with all the qualities that he loves most in me.  The last one said something about gardening.. and from there the list would have been never I completely agree with crossing that off.

This is my favourite gift to date.  I have been on the receiving end of guns (plural) which seemed to be the most popular gift until now.. and Yeah, I love guns.  I happen to be a dead-eye but I am not above flowers and I think that cards will save a lot of money in the future:)   Thanks to my husband, me best friend and my very own cupid for making mile marker 28 a good one!

Much Love from your Valentine,


Happy Birthday Tucker <3

I reckon its Tucker’s birthday.. 

Happy Birthday to my handsome, strong, hard-working husband.  I LOVE you so much and I thank God for leading me to the bathroom the night we met in the VU- and I thank God for telling me to stalk you for several years after, until you finally gave in.   He knows what he is doing! 

(We did not meet in an actual bathroom… I was on my way to the bathroom and Tucker’s cowboy charm stopped me in my tracks- I had actual heart arhythmia when he said, “Hey purdy lady.. you from around here?” )  awwwww anyways…

Happy 28th Birthday to you:)       Cutler, Cormac and I are blessed:)  We all LOVE you like crazy.