About us

These are the stories of two friends. Two friends that grew up together and shared many adventures including;  high school, college, a dorm room and even having our first baby one month apart! We now live five hours away from one another and decided that sharing a blog is the best way to share our lives, stories, and family happenings with the world and one another.  Lacy lives in Spokane, Washington and Nikki lives in Harrison, Montana.  We hope you enjoy our blog as much as we do.


Ola!!  I’m Lacy and I’m a blogaholic! 

I love surfing the net and reading about other bloggin momma’s and crafty, artsy, fun people.  I also totally LOVE yoga, and I teach yoga at a few different places, as well personal train.  I love all my students and clients,  they totally Motivate me!!!!  I live in Spokane with my hubby/Irishman Patrick O’dan Gannon and our kids (CJ-6, Rocco-3) Are OUR WORLD!!!!!   They are the sooo much fun, totally goofy, dramatic, little Engergizer Bunnies…. that wear me out…. and I’m a usually a very, VERY, HYPER person.  I LOVE taking pictures, running, gardening, housework,  exercise, being at the lake or river, hanging with family, cleaning, blogging, traveling, & coffee.  Hope you all enjoy our combined blog. Two Friends One Blog—- what a concept!!!


Hello 🙂  I’m Nikki and I live in Harrison, Montana.

I am married to a handsome cowboy- Tucker, and together we live on a ranch with our three children Cutler (6yrs.) and Cormac (3), and our new little beautiful gem of a daughter Ruby (6months).   Tucker is ranch manager and we are so blessed to be able to live here and raise our kids here.  We love the Cowboy/Rancher lifestyle and wouldnt trade it for anything.  I enjoy all things arts and crafts and mostly photography- I LOVE taking pictures:)  I also create Canty Boots- check them out on our blog and at http://www.etsy.com/shop/CantyBootsMT

We look forward to summer months and spending the better part of the day in the hot sun.. shooting gophers, swimming, hiking, 4wheeling, and playing with the kids in the sandbox.

Thanks for checking out our blog-   {xo} nikki

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