Tota & Renee’s magical wedding day…… blogged:)

IMG_6022_edited-1 IMG_6036_edited-2 IMG_6055_edited-1 IMG_6075_edited-2 IMG_6083_edited-1 IMG_6097_edited-1 IMG_6106_edited-1 Renee and Tota 080_edited-1 Renee and Tota 041_edited-1 Renee and Tota 046_edited-1 Renee and Tota 043_edited-1 IMG_6172_edited-1 IMG_6144_edited-1 IMG_7244_edited-1 IMG_7242_edited-1 Renee and Tota 246_edited-1 Renee and Tota 102_edited-1 IMG_6479_edited-1 IMG_6481_edited-1 IMG_6516_edited-1 IMG_6512_edited-2 IMG_6528_edited-1 IMG_6582_edited-1 IMG_6613_edited-1 IMG_6631_edited-1 IMG_6645_edited-2

IMG_6702_edited-1 IMG_6712_edited-1 IMG_6804_edited-1

Renee and Tota 348_edited-1 Renee and Tota 296_edited-1 IMG_6824_edited-1 IMG_6820_edited-1 IMG_6835_edited-1 IMG_7035_edited-2 IMG_7049_edited-1 Renee and Tota 605_edited-2 Renee and Tota 624_edited-1 Renee and Tota 666_edited-1 IMG_7089_edited-1 IMG_7102_edited-2 IMG_7107_edited-2 IMG_7130_edited-1 IMG_7118_edited-1 IMG_7112_edited-1 IMG_7169_edited-1 IMG_7162_edited-2

Renee and Tota 1104_edited-1 Renee and Tota 1159_edited-2 Renee and Tota 1164_edited-1 Renee and Tota 1220_edited-2 Renee and Tota 1229_edited-2 Renee and Tota 1260_edited-1 IMG_7554_edited-1 IMG_7544_edited-1 IMG_7536_edited-1 IMG_7511_edited-1 IMG_7467_edited-2 IMG_7485_edited-1 IMG_7679_edited-2 IMG_7671_edited-1 IMG_7533_edited-1 IMG_7731_edited-1 Tota & Renee got married in September in Spokane, and we were so happy to capture their day.  Friends and family from all over came to celebrate their love and commitment.  Thank you, and we wish you many, many years of happiness.

xoxox manyhatsphoto

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