LOVE in the Mining City.

Shane and Savanna.  I love them, love their love -and can’t wait for their big day.  We had a great time on this shoot… we may or may not have, stopped at the Goodwill Bar and took a shot of Fireball so that Shane could relax a little.  We may or may not have gained access to an unauthorized location for great pictures and we may or may not have gone back to the Goodwill.  We had so much fun and I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I loved taking them.  Love you both, and I am looking forward to being your bridesmaid.  BOOMuntitled-4255 untitled-4262 untitled-4265 untitled-4272 untitled-4275 untitled-4281 untitled-4289 untitled-4295 untitled-4317 untitled-4327 untitled-4341 untitled-4344 untitled-4349 untitled-4355 untitled-4359 untitled-4362 untitled-4363 untitled-4380 untitled-4390 untitled-4393 untitled-5579 untitled-5590 untitled-5619 untitled-5622 untitled-5631 untitled-5635 untitled-5638 untitled-5657 untitled-5697 untitled-5707 untitled-5714 untitled-5718-2 untitled-5723 untitled-5732 untitled-5737 untitled-5741 untitled-5751 untitled-5764 untitled-5771 untitled-5785 untitled-5795-2

p.s. Did you see the dog lurking in the shadows in one of the pictures?  Creepy, I just noticed.

xoxox Nikki

5 thoughts on “LOVE in the Mining City.

  1. Love love love them!! Had such Amazing time! I think you forgot to mention in your blog how my fiancé got a nice feel of your butt tho!! Can’t wait til may24th!!

    • I did forget to mention that and it is because…that is a tough one to explain. It will just forever be an inside joke! Shane hurrying over the fence to ‘pad my fall’. Thanks buddy.

  2. hey great pics but i couldn’t find the dog!! Hey served the lunch at the funeral of a fellow we played cards with and one of the kids and spouse were from Harrison! A Gary and Edie Nelson, nice folks and they live right in town, have you met them?

    On Sun, Oct 20, 2013 at 3:36 PM, lacyandnikki

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