Ty and Kayla- Bozeman, MT

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There is so much to say about this wedding, the setting, the people and the couple.  It was beautiful and sweet and we feel blessed to have captured this very special day.  What better way to finish off a fabulous wedding than with a flash mob- THRIFT SHOP was the song and thus the crazy/funny outfits.  Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sandru!

5 thoughts on “Ty and Kayla- Bozeman, MT

  1. a most beautiful wedding loved the pics my brother doug who did wedding pictures for years always said be sure to get several pics of the grandparents as they are the first to go and then the family will have the pics

    On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 10:52 AM, lacyandnikki

  2. I remeber you Ty, as a little boy year 1995. Nov you is a strong and happy man with a nice lady in your Wedding day. Congratulations..

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