Mo Beef

   Loved shooting this wedding in East Helena, MT.  It was a beautiful setting for an amazing couple and I feel blessed to call them my friends.  I want to give a special thanks to Nickie Cutrona, who shot this wedding with me last minute.  Her pictures blew me away- she is incredibly talented and I think she will do BIG things behind the camera in the future.   Enjoy the photos and Congratulations to Brian (Beef) and Morgan (Mo). You two rock



untitled-5524untitled-5465 untitled-5466 untitled-4008


untitled-4082 untitled-4079 untitled-4092

untitled-4114 untitled-4106 untitled-4132 untitled-4147-2 untitled-4204

untitled-5656 untitled-5658 untitled-5663 untitled-5665

untitled-5675 untitled-5672 untitled-4055 untitled-4064

untitled-5460 untitled-4754 untitled-5978 untitled-5975 untitled-5986 untitled-6008

untitled-4457 untitled-4453 untitled-4448 untitled-4402 untitled-4396 untitled-5709 untitled-5708 untitled-5823 untitled-5605 untitled-5604 untitled-5577 untitled-5702

untitled-4367 ellingson

untitled-5875 untitled-5932 untitled-4737

untitled-4281 untitled-4944 untitled-4963

untitled-4972 untitled-6290 untitled-5186 untitled-5132 untitled-5254 untitled-5265

untitled-6065 untitled-5956 untitled-5337 untitled-5309 untitled-5330 untitled-5291 untitled-5308

and they lived happily ever after….

xoxo Nikki and Nickie

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