Canty Boots.. 2013

Canty Boots !  If you do not know what they are, check out or ‘like’ Canty Boots MT on facebook.   They are wonderfully up-cycled vintage cowgirl boots that will put the pep in your step and the awe… in awesome.   Cheers to great legs and those that have them!  Taylor (the model) has some legs and well, pretty much everything else.. check her out:)

untitled-5615-2 untitled-5601 untitled-5600 untitled-5596 untitled-5593

untitled-5550 untitled-5546-2 untitled-5544 untitled-5538 untitled-5531 untitled-5502 untitled-5496 untitled-5491 untitled-5463 untitled-5440


dog: Berk


Boots: Canty Boots


2 thoughts on “Canty Boots.. 2013

  1. Hey Nik the boots are GREAT and your model is awesome she is just so beautiful, intelligent and sweet lucky Bryce!! Papa is of the same opinion! I think I have been to that old brick building right? Nanny

    On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 10:51 PM, lacyandnikki

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