Well, I should have written something a long time ago about this little gem we call Ruby.  My whole pregnancy I had a feeling it was a girl- from the way I carried her, the way I felt, the fact that I cried over the silliest things…I just knew.   When her delivery date approached, I had my doubts.  I thought about all of the families that I met during my pregnancy with three boys and thought perhaps, God wanted me to see that it could happen.  Now, having three boys would NOT be the end of the world, please don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE my boys more than anything but I wanted to talk about something other than farting, poop, penises, peeing standing up, burping, tractors, dozers, cows and on and on with the boy things.  I wanted a girl that would be delicate, sweet and I confess, I like bows and dresses and all pretty things.  I just knew that a little girl would complete our family.  I wanted to see my husband dote over a little angel wrapped in pink (thanks Tim McGraw) and I want to raise a teenage girl because I know that I was so awesome in my teenage years.  I rocked those years!!   When I delivered her (without an epidural,{ just saying}) , we saw that she was minus a penis and I cannot describe the joy that I felt.  I just love this girl like crazy!  Guess who else loves this girl like crazy?  Her wild, dirty, rough brothers..

Cormac calls her ‘Princess Ruby’ but it sounds more like ‘Pwincess Wubee’ and Cutler is always kissing her and asking if he can hold her.  (Cormac did pick a handful of grass in the park the other day and drop it right in her face but for the most part, he loves her)





HE9A0695 HE9A0701 HE9A0715 HE9A0726 HE9A0734 HE9A0736 HE9A0739 HE9A0742

AND.. of course, the last pictures?

Boys just being BOYS.

Thank you God, for all of your blessings at exactly the right time.

XOXOX nikki

4 thoughts on “Ruby.

  1. She is beautiful, and you can tell those boys love her! I enjoy the 2 boys and 1 girl (different order than you), it’s so much fun!

    • this is so sweet Nik and so well written too I have read it 3 times and it moves me to tears each time
      yes you are blessed but so is your family!

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