Kayla and Ben are married :)

I don’t even know where to begin with Kayla and Ben.  I did their engagement shoot a while back and they told me they are huge football fans and that they only want candid and action photos.  The same was true for the wedding.  They incorporated football at every turn and they wanted lots of action photos.  We were able to go to the Tech football field because graduation was moved indoors.  It was AWESOME!  The sky, the colors, the energy… it was just amazing.  Congrats Kayla and Ben.  We are SURE your marriage will be filled with love and laughter.HE9A8121IMG_4205IMG_4247HE9A8036HE9A8067HE9A8044 HE9A8105IMG_4347HE9A8075IMG_4299IMG_4365IMG_4369IMG_4436IMG_4443IMG_4461HE9A8146HE9A8160HE9A8184HE9A8187HE9A8204HE9A8244HE9A8314HE9A8339HE9A8458HE9A8364HE9A8382HE9A8519IMG_4867HE9A8967IMG_4849HE9A8973HE9A8981HE9A9016HE9A9023HE9A9046IMG_4538IMG_5030esquibel-001HE9A8733HE9A8745HE9A8759HE9A8801HE9A8818HE9A8846IMG_5009HE9A9413HE9A9663HE9A9677HE9A9687HE9A9711HE9A9737HE9A9547HE9A9589

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