Mr and Mrs Durkin

Lacy and Nikki kicked off the 2013 wedding season with this gorgeous Spring wedding in Butte!  20 people in the wedding party and a GIANT celebration at the Front Street Station:)   Congrats to Amanda and Craig!!IMG_0812 IMG_0846 IMG_0875IMG_0793IMG_0827IMG_0774HE9A6706IMG_1060HE9A6715HE9A6627HE9A6620IMG_1282IMG_1345IMG_1432HE9A6886IMG_1172HE9A6794HE9A7067HE9A7102IMG_2006IMG_1872IMG_1711IMG_1689IMG_1736IMG_1923IMG_1911IMG_2039IMG_2238IMG_2541IMG_1812

                              Have fun in Mexico, Mr. and Mrs. Durkin!!!

4 thoughts on “Mr and Mrs Durkin

  1. Nikki and Lacy-
    What an amazing job. Pictures are beautiful. I may be looking for some family pics….hint hint.

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