Easter Ham

Many of you know that I love pigs. Pigs are smart, funny and completely playful- they make GREAT pets.  We had our princess Buzz a couple of years ago and she is a house now so of course, she is not here at our place.  Buzz had piglets of her own and she is a very good mama.  When everyone on facebook started posting pictures of their kids with bunnies and lambs and all things Easter, I had a bright idea… Easter pig!  Many people will eat pork for Easter and I hope that it tastes good- but I’ll pass. This is NOT the Easter pig I speak of.. I’ am talking about a little red headed piglet named Chip.  He is a funny little guy- he loves kids, and they love him.

This family came over from Butte to get some Easter pictures with Chip and they laughed the whole time.

Check out the cuteness.

Happy Easter to all and think about this little oinker when you are eating your pork..   Hey, a girl can try right??




One thought on “Easter Ham

  1. these are so cute the family will treasure these that’s for sure that is just the best little piglet too, we will eat turkey for Easter dinner

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