12-12-12 Not so LUCKY

Today, started out an average day for the Edmundson family.  It is the last full week of school for me so, Ive been writing papers and trying to stay sane- and my kids were playing well with each other for a change.  I was in my office finishing some editing when I heard what sounded like an elephant fall through the floor, followed by horrific screaming. I ran around the corner to find Cutler sitting on the floor rocking back and forth holding his arm. I asked what happened and he said, “I fell down the stairs.”  Okay, I didnt really give it much thought, I just started evaluating his hand/wrist/arm to see if it was broken and I didn’t see swelling, deformation, or blood. Well, he was bleeding from his mouth and I saw that he has yet another loose tooth.. That makes TWO missing and TWO loose.  He said, “Mom if I lose this tooth, I will get a dollar.”  I told him if he can keep the tooth in his head, Ill give him five dollars.  Jeez, I need to start taking money away when he looses teeth so he doesn’t WANT to lose them.  He is a few teeth away from being a ‘gummer’.  Anyway, we called dad and thats when the story came out.  He was trying to ride Mater, ( a scoot toy car ) DOWN the stairs!  I am lucky he didn’t break his neck, our stairs are HARD.

We loaded up and went to the hospital.  Dad had his doubts about it being broken, and so did I.  Cutler was cracking jokes, lipping off and was completely Cutler all the way to the hospital and through the whole process. Turns out, he broke his arm:(

He turns five next week and will get a cast the day after his birthday. BUMMER. 12-12-12 was not OUR lucky day but, the boys LOVED ice cream and the presents Cutler got throughout the day. Not too shabby.HE9A2892HE9A2903HE9A3023HE9A3025HE9A3026HE9A3022HE9A3035


3 thoughts on “12-12-12 Not so LUCKY

  1. oh Nik I am so sorry to hear about Cutler!! Hope everything goes ok in his healing, I sent him a card,well ,will mail it tomorrow . I am meeting your mom in Missoula tomorrow can’t wait I get to do so little that is fun, really papa does not want to do anything at least with me, ythat I look forward to the girl outings!! Hope you have given your mom some ideas for you and the family makes it a lot easier!! xoxoxoxoNanny

    On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 8:16 PM, lacyandnikki

  2. I feel sooo bad for my little Cutty, but this story is FUNNY. I laughed at his expense. Don’t tell him. I will make up for it in his birthday gifts!! Loves to my little man.

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