Never in my wildest dreams would I guess that someday I would be front row at my IDOL MADONNA’S CONCERT.

It is still blowing my mind how the whole day played out…..

how in the HECK did we get such good seats????

well… we had SOME SERIOUS MADONNA ANGELS looking out for us… thats how.

So backtrack a couple months….

I went back to work on the cruise boats like I do every summer… and my dear friend says… “OMG I bought tickets to go to Madonna in Seattle on October 2nd… and I want you (me, Lacy Lynn Gannon) to come with.”

It just so happened that my fellow Madonna lovin’ friend had originally purchased the tickets to attend with someone else…. but they couldn’t attend! So I was next in LINE.

Fast forward… October 2nd….. We had planned to leave town around noon.. but after a major temper tantrum from my 2yr old sweetie pie child… we didn’t get out of Spokane till 1pm…

We had planned on staying at Pat’s uncles house in West Seattle… but we knew the traffic was going to be tricky, and we were already running a little late…. and we could NOT  be a minute late to the concert… so we decided to use my madonna luvin’ friends’ dad’s travel points for a hotel downtown.  We had planned on paying a heavy penny on top of the points for a hotel… but our MADONNA ANGEL swooped in for the first time and SAVED US.

…. So we get to the hotel to check in… and tell the guy at desk we are going to the concert tonight… and he is ‘LIKE SOOO JEALOUS’…. then he UPGRADES US … no charge::::: to the PENTHOUSE EXECUTIVE SUITE… on the TOP… FREAKIN FLOOR!  what luck! we.were.stoked.

(view from our room)

Next we head down to Key Arena to get there right on time for the show.

We stand in line and purchase some Madonna gear and Madonna magnets…

And head to our seats…

this was our original seat… NOSE BLEEDS>>  like behind the stage pretty much.  then later we ended up at that top right corner of the point…..

the opening act came out and we fell in love… MARTIN SOLVEIG… was em out… you’ll love.

we were having a blast…not giving a damn that our seats were probably the worst in the arena….

THEN….. AS the lights started to dim around 10:30 pm and Madonna was going to come out any minute…. ANOTHER MADONNA ANGEL OF GOOD LUCK Swooooped in!

so our nose bleed seats were right on the end of the row… and this little PUERTA RICAN worker guys came flying around the corner and says “Do you ladies want better seats???”…..

This all became sort of a blurrrrr. as we started screaming and pretty much jumping on this little saint of a man.

He yells “I have other business to attend to… just get down onto the floor”

At this point we didn’t even look at our tickets we just ran straight to the floor and were directed by more workers to go straight to our seats…. ROW 1 SEAT 12….


AHHHH I’m still asking… how did this happen????? PURE Joy right here…


The production, dancers, her body, her dance moves, her crazy new songs, and bad..ass old songs.

Like A Prayer was for sure my favorite..

AND in honor of Madonna …. I’m still hoping to be recognized as a doppelgänger !!!


<p><a href=”″>Madonna MDNA World Tour – Teaser</a> from <a href=””>Moment Factory</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


  1. Ahhhh!!! I can’t get over this. It is so cool. I want Madonna to read this. I know this made Erin’s dreams come true, and it looks like it did yours too 🙂

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