We went to 2 ZOO’S

We took a quick trip to Seattle a few weeks ago…. and here are some pix from our totally awesome trip:))

Starting out at Woodland Zoo… we knew it was going to be a good day when we walked right into some penguins, orangutans, and monkeys..

Rocco was the map man/monkey man….

CJ gorilla girl….

The kids weren’t really in the mood for pix in front of the giraffe, but we made it happen!


Moving on to the Point Defiance… I’m seriously obsessed with that place…. we had sooo much fun there.  The kids LOVED the sharks and all the aquariums, and we even got to “pet” a bunch of different types of star fish…


ahhhh cute lil’ Lemurs & the coolest Walrus ever.  I kept telling CJ and Rocco that the Walrus was going to come over to watch football with daddy….lol

Who’s Taller?????

haha… this pic kills me…. Rocco saying “Oh my gosh..”  He was stoked to see the TIGER.

We rode a camel…. n.b.d.

They were so interested in all the information!!!

And last but not least… our very own exhibit we brought via Subaru Outback….

Rocco the crazy haired slider…

People started surrounding the little slide area… saying.. “wow, look at that kids hair”

I’m sure most everyone has seen the static hair kids get going down the slide…. but this was EXTREME.

Then combination of static, loads of sunscreen, knots, bedhead combined with sleepy car seat-hair, and on top of that he hadn’t had his hair combed in a few days… THIS sight was created….

—– can’t wait to hit up the zoo’s again.

xoxo lacy

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