Cormac George is a few weeks shy of two years old, and today we spent the day together; just the two of us.   Cormac loves his boots, food, and his dog.  With these three things, he is the happiest boy in Harrison.

He was packing around a little tiger backpack and I tried to show him how to use it to carry books, but he wanted to put pop tarts in it instead.  Anyway, I took some pictures of him, the backpack and his favorite Rocky dog.  We have three dogs and Cormac loves all three but, he really really adores Rocky.  It melts my heart.

Rocky is old.. and tired.  He just wants to sleep all day but when Cormac comes outside to play with him, God love him, he moves around.  Cormac will haul trucks to the other end of the yard and I can tell that Rocky doesnt truly want to follow Cormac, but he waddles over, picks some shade and lays down.  It is just the sweetest thing…ever.

4 thoughts on “Cormac

  1. Happy Soon to Be 2! He’s so cute! Love the pics… Sawyer will be 2 end of October and loves her boots and her dog Buck as well. She is definitely my animal girl! Loves horses and her dog.. LOVE IT!!! Have a wonderful b-day Cormac! ~ Nener

  2. This little guy is the happiest boy I’ve ever seen. Always a smile on his face unless it’s naptime! You can’t help but smile as soon as you see him cause he’s always smiling! Quite the sweetheart!

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