So, it has been a while since I have updated everyone on Buzz.  She has been boarding at Grampa Rick’s pig farm for some time now and here is what we know;

Buzz IS NOT a pig (in her mind, of course)

Buzz is extremely pretty and important and flat out too good to be rooming with pigs- all attempts to breed her, thus far, have failed.  She has no interest in boars.. she is snotty.

She smells like maple syrup which may or may not, be the reason wolves found her.  She literally smells like Denny’s breakfast platter.  Which is DE-lightful in comparison to the smell of your average pig- Buzz is far above average.

When Rick has turned Buzz loose to graze, she leaves all the pigs in the dust and tries to roam with the cattle.  Rick says that if we held a mirror up to Buzz, she would die of shock.  She is convinced she is a cow.

I don’t know if you remember that we got Buzz about 15 months ago kind of unexpectedly.  We came out to the piglet straw hut houses to see the piglets and there were over 50 of them running around like crazy-full of energy.  Buzz, however, was lagging behind.  Buzz was the runt and they rarely make it.  Rick said she might die before the morning.  I didn’t want a pig, but my heart is too big to just let a sweet little piglet be trampled by all these little critters so, I asked begged Tucker to take the little bugger.  We thought Buzz was a boy and Cutler named it accordingly.  We fed her like a bum calf.  We gave her milk out of a bottle and when she was strong and healhy we turned her loose with the bottle calves.  When Buzz was attacked by wolves, it was the calves that comforted her until we found her bleeding in the tall grass.  Buzz is also very chummy with Boise, our cat and I will never forget the first time we made them sleep together and in the morning when I opened the door to let them out, I saw only Buzz and for a split second, I thought Buzz was a murderer.  I looked at her fat belly and tried to fight the thoughts that my piggy princess could eat a kitty cat … whole?  I was pretty upset and then I caught a glimpse of Boise running through the pasture and saw how she climbed out.  I looked at Buzz and felt so guilty that I could even think she had any bad qualities..  SORRY Buzz.

Buzz is currently bunked up with a boar.  He is huge and mean.  I hate this arranged marriage as bad as Buzz, but we need her pregnant.  I hope she is pregnant because I want to hold her babies and maybe keep one.  I really really want Buzz home though, but Tucker says she will get hit on the road. 

There you have it.  Buzz.

Now for the real pigs..

and my lil boys.  They HAD to get in the creek fully dressed:)  

I just LOVE all of the above.


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