Im back from my blog break

Wheww. That was a loong break but I had to take it due to all of the recent activity around the Edmundson house.  We are still moving in and arranging and painting and all of that good stuff.  The boys are loving the new place- they have room to run and play and they are just happy as ever.  We grew one family member since my last post; her name is Bonnie and she is about 8 months old.  She is already best buds with Doke and together they torture Boise (our cat).  He is always exhausted.

Tucker is as happy as a 12 year old in Disneyland because he lives in Harrison, MT.  Cutler lost another tooth.  Cormac’s blonde hair managed to get blonder.. and Im STILL slinging boots!

The view from our road. Its so purdy

Doke and Cutler.

Still rollin with Cowboy/MJ … very very long phase

Anyway.. we are all here in HArrison.  No more extra long breaks for this girl..  Until next time..  xoxox Nikki

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