roasting and branding!

We have a lovely fire pit in our yard… and we decided to roast marshmallows last night.  Tucker thinks its weird to JUST roast marshmallows without the graham crackers and hersheys.  Papas candy from Harrison, MT is BOMB on roasted marshmallows!!

Also, today we branded.  I would have taken more pictures but I was running the irons LIKE A BOSS…

Branding is the funnest…    Thanks to all who helped today.


2 thoughts on “roasting and branding!

  1. loved these Nik beautiful place and of course the boys are just too cute!!!! Your mom and I looked for neat belts today in the only 2 hours of FREE time we had to shop But got to see toddy and she was so happy to see Robin her face just lit up when she walked in! She spent 10 hours or more in airports to get here that’s not counting fly time!!! Mom had all her grandkids there and she was so grateful for this visit!

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