New beginnings:)

The Edmundsons are moving to Harrison!

We are leaving Curly Gulch Ranch and taking with us some unforgettable and incredible memories.  We are so thankful- we know that every day that we spent on this ranch was a blessing.  I still remember the first time I saw the ranch- feeling like we were the luckiest people alive to live there, and after three years; a wedding here, raising our kids in this magical place-I still feel that way. It has been three wonderful years.  We had the best neighbors and all of them have become dear friends, because of them we found a church that we absolutely love and new relationships were formed in the church as well.   I have prayed for the right words to express my gratitude and it still seems like words will never do justice to how I feel about Curly Gulch Ranch and most of all, Don and Lisa Kelly.  Don and Lisa blessed us with this opportunity of course, but the bigger blessing came in giving us the best start to our marriage and our family.  We love you Don and Lisa, like family- you are family and we will feel that way always.

A  couple of pictures from our very special wedding day- August 29, 2009 at Curly Gulch Ranch in beautiful Feely, MT.

Change is hard and I am not going to lie, I cried pretty good for days when I learned that the time for change, was here.  My stomach ached and my heart was so heavy.  I know now, that this is the right time and that being thankful for each and every day is the only way to be.  We are excited for these new beginnings and truly grateful for the last 6 years with Don Kelly Construction and the last 3 at Curly.

My cup runneth over.



5 thoughts on “New beginnings:)

  1. Beautiful family, awesome pics and the best wishes to you all.. You all were very fortunate to have such a wonderful couple to get you started out right in your marriage and family.. Keep us posted on all the happenings and new address, etc… love u guys!~nener 🙂

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