bikin’ mama

Remember awhile back when I was a longboarding mom! Well we’ve moved on to biking these days, and we pretty much rule our neighborhood when it comes to how many times we go up and down our street in a day.

The other night just Rocco and I took a ride together.  He kept telling me I was a really good bike rider…….


He has a lime green balance bike (no peddles… no training wheels…. scares the ba-jeezers outa me) And I have a pink beach cruiser with an extra seat on the back just incase we find a 25 lb hitch hiking toddler……. we are a perfect pair:) Do you like my colorful spokes??

check out our video….

xoxo lacy

ps. yes I am video-ing and biking… thats talent right there

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One thought on “bikin’ mama

  1. I looove the spokes! I just got a cruiser, I am now contemplating those little guys! So great! You all look adorable :] I am planning on getting my husband a longboard. What brand would your recommend? Looking for something inexpensive.
    Visiting via “embrace the camera”
    Love on a Budget

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