Thrifty Thursday Winner.

Okay, today is THRIFTY THURSDAY and Lacy and I were overwhelmed with the responses to this incredibly easy, fun challenge.  We want to thank ALL of our readers that submitted their thrifty finds and we narrowed the entries down to a few good ones.

We LOVE that Wine fridge! It holds 250 bottles of wine.  Who would EVER list that on Craig’s?  Someone did, AND one of our readers nabbed it- and we LOVE it:)

We picked a winner and her name is Lacey.. she won because her dresser was a freebie, she saved it from going to the dump, spent 15.00 on paint and made a beauty of a dresser. It is a plumb purple. Good job Lacey.  I REALLY appreciate good finds, but more than that, I appreciate a little DIY too.  

AND even though this was NOT a winner…it made me laugh…

Submitted by my brother, Brent.  He really did get that for $4.99 and has probably used it every day since..

Love that there is a bite taken out of the quesadilla!

Thanks everyone.  We are doing this again in June so, plan on thrifting.  Don’t bombard us all at the same time with your entries though… jeez.  We got hundreds of submissions, I am exhausted from the judging process..


#ALL submissions are included in the above blog. A WHOPPING 6.

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