Introducing …..Thrifty Thursdays

I am convinced that my number one skill and talent is thrifting.  I AM always finding a bargain… and when I find a killer bargain, I can’t stop thinking/talking about it.  Lacy and I have decided that we want to hear about your bargains!  We are issuing a challenge in the name of thrifting- and every Thursday we will show you what people are finding, what they are saving ,and we have PRIZES!!! 

It is SO easy.  All we want is a picture of what you purchased at a killer price, and what you paid for it.  That is all !   We will then share your bargain on lacyandnikki.wordpress and ask people to vote for the most unbelievable, thrifty, bargain betty purchase.

Send entrys to

Like this lil baby of mine….

I would say; I found this sterling silver (925) trout necklace in Dillon, MT at The Branded Beaver for $2.99 .  WHAT A DEAL 🙂

It can be anything… furniture, jewelery, clothing, kids stuff, cars, decor, etc.  ANYthing that was a bargain.  This is a game for everyone and we want everyone to play!


The winner will be chosen on Thursday, May 3 at 2:00 p.m.

winner receives 20.00 gift card to favorite coffee shop (if you don drink coffee, you are weird but we will still let you play…and you can have a card to fav. store) 

Let the shopping begin!!!!

The email adress again is:



One thought on “Introducing …..Thrifty Thursdays

  1. Hmmm…well well well, I got a kick ass Thrifty Thursday deal for ya…. Went to Khols on the way for a girls day out (for those who don’t know me I HATE shopping..ok i know weird as a chick but after three kids and no where to get all dolled up and go that often it’s hard to even think about it..LOL!!! I do like coffee though :D), I happened to look at the closeout rack, well low and behold a pair of mudd jeans (normally $58.00), marked down to $14.80 then slashed again to $3.40 w/ “missing button” (I thought for that price one of these days I will find a button that works and sew it on.. and then when I got to the register rang in as $2.80!!!! Oh yea! It was missing the main button but then scored a jean button at Walmart (was there getting a school thing for oldest daughter and happened to see they were redoing their sewing stuff and isles so all items were closed out) got it for 50 cents (normally $1.89. Sewed it on and whala! my $58 pair of jeans for $3.30.. SCORE!!! I’ll email you the pics nik! miss ya ~ Nener in CA

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