Every year as March roles I start to feel a VERY sentimental about the Holiday on grand ol’ March 17th.

What is ST. Paddy’s Day all about>>>> Wikipedia?

For Me just a few reasons why St. Paddy’s Day holds many significant memories….

  1. GROWING UP IN BUTTE AND Celebrating the many.MANY AMAZING St Paddy’s Day’s in BUTTE MT.
  2. Visiting Ireland (photos below)…..
  3. Marrying Patrick O’dan Gannon—- redhead & as Irish AS CAN BE!!!
  4. Having Rocco’s due date be on St. Paddy’s Day— anticipating that DAY THE entire pregnancy!!

I had fun digging out these old photos from Ireland… It makes me want to go back there so bad!

First stop… Galway Ireland… a little costal/river town

Probably THE Coolest PLACE I’ve ever been.  Cliff of Moher


St. Patrick’s Cathedral


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