Acai Bowls.


OMG have you ever had an Acai Bowl?! Pat’s been whippin’ em’ up the last couple days and they are soooo good! So what the heck is IN the Acai Bowl.  Well first let me tell you it’s a very tasty fruit and granola dish, made using the dark purple super-berry named Acai (ah-sigh-ee), a product grown in the Brazilian Amazon.

I had my first Acai Bowl in Hawaii when Pat’s cousin Stacey introduced us to them.  They are a top notch breakfast/afternoon meal that leaves you feeling wonderful and full of energy– just what I need ;)!   Anywhoo…. Pat is perfecting his Acai Bowl as we speak.  He added bananas, strawberry,  honey, yogurt, granola (I LOVE), blueberries, and the Superfood Acai that he ordered somewhere online.  I’ll follow up when He perfects it!

After our super sunday breakfast we headed down to the park.  CJ and Rocco rode in the Barbie Jeep, then we flew a kite.


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