ski bunny

My little ski bunny and I hit the slopes on sunday solo….. we left the boys at home to go to a train show.

When we first got there it was sooo foggy but we jumped right on the chair lift.  As we accelerated up the lift it reminded me of a scene from the horror movie FROZEN.  The wind was blowing the chairs around and you could barely see the chairs or bunny hill in front of you because the thick creepy fog.  We scooted down the hill quick and parked it in the lodge for a bit.

I was ready to go home- but CJ insisted we ski more.  Back to the chair….. this time on the way up we notice a man dressed in a FULL BIG FOOT costume snowboarding down… WTH????

On the way down…. I ski backwards…..

I yell “PIZZAA…get your pizza ski’s out”…. she yells back “NO french fries…. I wana go fast.” 😀

Next time up the chair lift we see a man in a GORILLA COSTUME snowboarding down…. strange….

CJ’s snow pants somehow come undone and as we plow down the hill her pants are around her knees….. for one of those weird four year old reasons she wouldn’t let me fix em for her on the slopes… we had to haul back up to the lodge… with the pants around the knees….

Again, I was ready to pull the trigger and head home….

She insisted “One More time On the chair Lift!”

No strange creatures that time.  French fried most the way down and had few nice pizza turns that mama was soo proud of! xoxox




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