Happy Birthday Nikki!

Wishing the coolest co-blogger in the world…. the best birthday/valentines day EVVVVER.

I’ve known Nikki since about 2nd grade.   MY memory was that we met at Whittier elementary school on the  playground.  I remember distinctly her coat…. it was this cute little brown chic cowgirl coat  with fringe on the pockets.  I remember thinking “hmmm this girl has some STYLE- I better hang out with her” and… the rest is history.

and another testimonial from another Lacey (HER SISTER IN-LAW) who thinks Nikki is the GREATEST!

—–here is my o’ to Nik.
Nikki and I met way back when we were both in college and she was dating Tucker. When we both lived in California, we got to spend lots of time together and I grew to know her quite well. To know Nikki is to love her. She is hilarious and you are bound to laugh whenever you are in her presence. She has two of the most beautiful boys that I have ever seen and she is a wonderful mother. Nik also is a student and manages to get straight A’s all while taking care of Cutler and Cormac, being an awesome photographer, cooking for Tucker whenever he is hungry (always), and pursuing her own business ventures. She does it all and is amazing at it.
I never had sisters growing up, but I can tell you that I would have picked her had I been given the choice. She is one of the most genuine people that I know and I am lucky to call her family. I hope that today and everyday you know just how wonderful you are Nik! We all love you very much and I hope you have a very happy birthday!

happy b-day v-day NIkki…. love ya blogggy girl!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nikki!

  1. Ahhh thanks Lacy and Lacey. That was a great birthday present! To Lacy- yes that fray suede jacket was a TREND SETTER- I am going to look for it. To Lacey- thanks for throwing in the straight A comment… ahahah thats too funny. Thank you both though- I love you both very much and I hope that your lovers treat you well today as well.
    I am the lucky one. You girls are the bestxoxox

    Busy people are usually happy people and you are proof of that! Man you can get things done and look like a model while doing it!!!!
    My birthday wish for you is that you are in this same” frame of mind for all your future birthdays”

  3. Happy Birthday Nikki!!hope you had a great day and give your little Valentines a hug from the Denevans. Give your big Valentine a hug too!

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