Creepy. really creepy

My brother Connor, Cutler, Cormac and myself took a short trip to Hot Springs yesterday.  We were driving along and engaged in conversation when we both, at the exact same time, whipped our heads around, back again and then towards each other and went, “What ………….. the……………… ????”

On the side of the highway in a very rural area was this house with ‘bonesy people’.  A whole community of bonesy people.  We were traveling fast so it was only a glimpse but it was enough to say, “We are going THERE tomorrow.”  So we did.   We stopped there on the way back to Butte today- I went up to the door and asked the gal if we could take pictures of her people.  She was kind enough to let me, and she said people stop often and someone even made a movie about it??!  That’s going on my netflix que!  harrrr harrrr

People are so creative!  Way to go!  I mean who cares if you have dressed bones up to look like people in your front yard year ’round… it is pleasing to the eye.





3 thoughts on “Creepy. really creepy

  1. yea Nik I know these folks like I always said we are an interesting bunch around here every kind of personallity you could think of

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