Good one!!!

It has been years since we have had television in our home but I have not missed a beat with television shows on disc.  I LOVE finding a good series and I get really upset when I find a sucky one.  Some of the crap shoot ones are; Blue Bloods and..         …well, thats pretty much all I can think of right now.  I am pretty bitter about it because it is a cop drama that got high ratings and it was SOOO bad!!  The main character is the Detective played by- Donny Wahlberg (new kids on the block) and his dad- played by Burt Reynolds is the Chief of Police, his brother is another cop and the sister is the District attorney….WHAT??  In NYC!?? PLEASE..  I dont have time for that crap. Its bad, I am telling you!

Here are some good shows.

30ROCK.  I didnt know about this show until very recently and it has been on for like 7 years!!  ahaha  Its very funny.

Here is another winner.. actually THE VERY BEST and it is

‘Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

and of course Modern Family…

These are my funny choices but I also love HUNG, DEXTER, SPARTACUS, and LOST.  Lost got weird in the end and I don’t appreciate that but, I would still give it a thumbs up.

Arrested Development was really good too and so was Dirty, Sexy Money but they got cancelled- which I also do not appreciate.




One thought on “Good one!!!

  1. nikki, i have the best series for you to watch and i have all the seasons you can borrow and it is the best show ever. One Tree Hill. next time lacy is here we should figure out how to get them to you. Its totally a mix between 90210, melrose place, and saved by the bell. It is so good you will love it. Remind me in a few weeks when you see Lacy. Hope all is good with you and the fam. Love ya……………Shauna

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