Assembly Line Asparagus… Pinterest Recipe!

CJ and Rocco were my lil’ sous- chefs in the kitchen tonight, and we made this yummy Crispy Parmesan AsparagusI did not plan this at all, but as soon as I got out the asparagus CJ ran into the kitchen saying she wanted to help…. she then scootched her chair up to the counter and dove into washing the asparagus.  At this point I didn’t even know what I was going to do with the recipe, so I hurried over to pinterest to look up a yummy idea to do with asparagus. In the meantime Mr. Rocco was trying to scootch his chair up to the counter to get into the fun 😉

I found the recipe and had all the ingredients and our assembly line was born! Rocco was given the job of breaking the asparagus…… he LOVED IT!  CJ helped me crack the eggs and whisk them, then dunked the asparagus into the eggs and then into the panko mixture –and from there she neatly placed them on the rack for baking.  All of these jobs were perfectly age appropriate!

I realize my photos are not as pretty as the regular recipe… but mmmm these were very yummy and super easy/quick/healthy!

And Rocco even helped out with the dishes… I swear this kid is soo good and helpful with housework and yardwork!

check out the recipe…


One thought on “Assembly Line Asparagus… Pinterest Recipe!

  1. I still can’t believe you’ve come so far…from plain canned tuna to these amazing family creations. So proud Lace!! You rock and I love seeing how much you and Nikki have grown. Me and my mama continue to be amazed and talk about you girls frequently. Love the blog…keep it up! 🙂

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