Cute/Simple Christmas

I loved the idea from this Blog that I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE to make an advent calendar and on the back of each day you write a Christmas activity to do with the whole family. Still haven’t gotten around to making the advent calendar, but I swear I’ll do it next year;) But I did want to share her Cute/Simple list:

1. drink some hot chocolate
2. make a christmas card for someone
3. read christmas books with the family
4. make festive rice krispie treats and hand them out to neighbors
5. turn christmas music up real loud and have a dance party
6. watch a christmas show together
7. write letters to santa
8. go on a walk and look at the christmas lights
9. go to daddy’s work for his christmas party
10. make a christmas card to send to a soldier
11. have french toast and hot chocolate for dinner
12. read the christmas story before bedtime
13. drink some hot apple cider
14. make a christmas card for your teacher
15. color christmas pictures
16. watch a christmas show and eat ice cream
17. put on a christmas play about baby jesus (kids do the play for mommy and daddy)
18. make sugar cookies and decorate
19. put money in the salvation army bucket at the grocery store
20. make gingerbread houses
21. wrap your gifts for each other
22. take a drive and look at all the christmas lights
23. have a sleepover with the family in the living room
24. open our christmas eve presents (jammies, books)
Next up…. just a few SUPER simple gift ideas…

#1 Modge Podge photo on canvas…. I followed THIS D.I.Y. TUTORIAL and made about 5 photos on canvas…. they turned out soooo good. The diy above called it Instant Gratification… and

Here is one I did of a photo of Copperlyn.

# 2  idea I got was from craft party I went to!

This homeade project is kid friendly. This cute little christmas/thankful tree is made out of different holiday scrapbook paper….. then I spiced my frame with some old buttons….

Keep Calm & Craft On…. crafterzzzz!!! lacy

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