Raymond-Smith family.

I took some family pictures for Sarah Raymond-Smith on Saturday morning.  I spent a LOT of time at the Raymond residence in middle school and high school…I adore her whole family.  They took me to NYC and on a cruise too!  A trip I will never forget with some really great people.  I just have lots and lots of love for this family.  AND Sarah is now married to Corey and they have three adorable kids. Abigail, Peyton and Brady.

So Saturday morning was a cold morning with chilly winds.  We did a little bit of walking from location to location and well into the shoot, while seated on the fence, little Peyton politely tells his mom that he has a car in his shoe. Sarah removed his shoe and sure enough, a matchbox car was sharing that small space with his foot.        amazing!                                    and very funny.

still had the car in his shoe here. lol

Abigail will be baptized in January so we did a few shots for her invitations.  She is just a pretty little thing aint she??

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