IF…Tucker tweeted.

Bryce (my brother) and I were talking about Twitter and the whole concept of having ‘followers’ and because I do not have twitter and I do not tweet, I was trying to understand why one tweets.  whatever. I think it is weird but, I am sure like all other technological social networking giants…I will probably give into it one day.

Bryce was telling me that he follows people like Conan, Ellen, and some Dallas Cowboy football players.  So then I asked him, “well, who follows you?”  Bryce told me he has zero followers- and I physically had to cover my mouth so that he didn’t hear me laugh.  I told him he should start tweeting really weird stuff if its only going into the black hole of cyber universe and then …. I said, “Oh my, imagine if Tucker tweeted.” and we both began to laugh…and then we laughed some more.

Here’s the thing.  It is only funny because Tucker eats, breathes, sleeps cows and ranching and I have proof of this because sometimes when I am up ‘pinning’ all of my craftsy/genius ideas for future crafternoon sessions, I try to get into bed real quiet so that I do not disturb the REM of my hardworking husband because, he rises long before the sun..and when I creep under the covers he sometimes sits straight up frantically and says things like, “AHh  Did you close the gate, …mmhmhmm cows will get out!!” and I usually try to mess with him and say things like “No, I left it open and they are all over the place.”  BUT that is besides the point. My point being- ITS ALL HE THINKS ABOUT.

So I tried to think of some of the things Tucker would tweet IF he was a tweeter . lol


{Thinking about leaving Feely today……….nervous}

{Auction was hot !}

{Town Haul Diner! period}         (referring to his moms cooking!)

{Gonna give Timski a call}  (our neighbor and his bestie.  His name is Tim but Tucker calls him Timski)

{Beef markets up!}

{Cows, cows and more cows}

{I heart cows}

{December means shipping day.. wish I had a thousand to ship}

{day 8- no shower}  ( I said 8 instead of 20, because I still have to sleep with him and I get embarrassed)

{Have I ever mentioned my love for cows?}

That’s all I could come up with for now..


Oh look!! Its Tucker and Timski 🙂 WITH COWS.

Have a great weekend.


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