Christmas inspiration!

Ok so how many of you have like a million crafty ideas on the “to do” list because of Pinterest??!! Seriously there is not enough time/glue/glitter/glitz/or chocolate to do all the stuff I want to do on pinterest.. but I still keep pinning, and luvin’ it!

These are just some pins I’m thinking about tonight….

cute way to display cards….

hot chocoate bar set up….

how cute would it be to have a nutcracker party!!??

And if I don’t get my crafts done in time for Christmas… I’m blaming it on this blog…and these cuties!:)

xoxo lacy

4 thoughts on “Christmas inspiration!

  1. Totally love these!!!! And I’m so with you on falling behind on cards…. I can’t get out of reading blogs and going to pinterest!!!! YOU happen to be one of those people hindering me right now! LOL Where did you find the picture above your cuties?????

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