is it December yet?????

We are ready for snow and Christmas!!  Our first outing in the snow this year Rocco had to wear CJ’s old snow suit and pink snow boots.  It was hilarious!  He walked outside and CJ ran up to him and said “SISTER!!!!”

Then they marched off to play!

Rocco saying “NO… I don’t want to wear the purple Tinkerbell gloves either!” lol. Luckily he’s getting a new snowsuit from Grandma for Christmas!!

We got the new fake Christmas tree up!  We usually get a real one, but i really wanted a small white tree this year and I found this little gem of a Tree black friday shopping for $38!!! It fits perfectly in our little cozy front room and I Love it!!!!

 Had to try the Pinterest inspired “Picture in the ornament”

 I started practicing my Christmas piano songs!!!

 We wrote CJ’s letter to santa!! Do you like my fake North Pole address… and CJ’s backwards signature… so cute:)! She told me all she wanted was candy and presents.  I asked her like 10 times to specify what presents, but she just kept saying presents…

We got this popcorn maker a few years ago for Christmas and the kids Love it!!  Way better than the microwave stuff.  We busted it out last night after all the decorating was done:)

xoxoxox Hope you all had a great weekend! Lacy

3 thoughts on “is it December yet?????

  1. OMG Lacy! He looks hysterical!! Thank god its only a few more weeks till Gramma comes thru!!

    Can’t wait to see you guys for the Baby Shower!

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