Mj and Madge

Last night, Lacy and I entered the costume contest in uptown Butte.  In order to be in the competition we had to visit 8 places to be judged, get stamps from each place, and then meet at midnight- for the announcement of placers.

Tons of costumes parading all over uptown Butte, it was a great time!  Lacy and Nikki did not want to simply ‘dress’ like Michael and Madonna, we felt that in order to take home the BIG prize…(300.00), we would have to play the part.  When we would walk up to the judging tables Lacy would flash her Madge gap, her dark roots, and her biceps!  The judges LOVED it.  I would do one of my many signature Michael moves.  Since I was the Billy Jean Michael I tried to stick with moves specific to that song and dance..  It’s hard to limit yourself to only a couple dance moves when I have so damn many.  I have been told more than a few times that I have rhythm and I think I showed that last night. .. and that is why……………

I placed!!!


owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!Lacy, was robbed!!  People loved her costume and we are still stumped about the judging process. BUT, we will be prepared next year.

Oh, and I only got third. NBD . .  . and what did the KING OF POP take home for a prize???  POP!!! yep, like 8 giant pepsis and 7ups and 3 XL t-shirts.  Yes!!

We had so much fun and we danced like crazy- we made sure to pick a place where nobody was, and we danced for hours.  There were so few people at this particular place that the DJ’s played Michael Jackson followed by Madonna, followed by Michael Jackson, followed by Madonna etc..

Lacy was so into the Madge role that she kartwheeled her way across the dance floor a few times and didnt care about passer-bys and managers that were also crossing the dance floor at the very same time.  She would say “excuse me” when she was mid kart-wheel.. we also did a few signature entrances whenever we made our way into a new location.  I would moonwalk in and Lacy would run in yelling, “Madonna doesnt walk anywhere” and NOBODY gave a hoot about our entrances.  no extra points.

Happy Halloween!

6 thoughts on “Mj and Madge

  1. Wow, the picture of lacy flexing is hilarious, the teeth, hair, and bulging bicepts are perfect. Nikki I bet you hurt your chances when you moonwalked? I donno I could be wrong since ive never seen you do it but the image I have in my head is troubling haha. Anyways next year come down to missoula and enter in the elks competition where their is a real grand prize (800.00). The winners this year were legos (stupid)

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