Last month I trashed my wedding dress!  When I was wedding dress shopping in Missoula 2.5 years ago, I saw a giant canvas print of a bride stomping in a mud puddle in her beautiful white gown.  I knew that someday I would do the same with mine.  It is strictly for photography and art purposes and I am a HUGE fan of both art and photography.  I also love to do really weird, wild and crazy things and this, was no exception.

Laura Winterrowd of www.elleimagesphoto.com, is the talented photographer that took on the task of capturing my super fast action shots and skillful mud slinging.  SHE is so incredible behind a camera- and so easy to work with.  Visit Laura’s website and check out her latest shoots!  She comes to Montana at least once a year and I encourage all to book her for any type of photos.. she is just THAT good.

Laura is full of new, fun, and creative ideas and everything going on in these shots were her ideas.  You don’t have to do anything except smile and have a good time because she is prepared and ready to create beautiful images…every time.  She rocks!


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