rainy randoms…

The kiddos got new rain jackets and umbrellas just in time! It was one of those rainy fall days here in Spokalooo……

Tonight I have been going through some pictures on my old computer.

I thought I’d share a few “rainy day” ones:)!!!

This was at Multnomah Falls on the way to Portland.  I always used to stop here all the time to take pix.  My dear mom, Barb and I decided it was a good idea to hike to the top this time.  I lied… I think it all my idea. If I remember right Barb was against it from the trail-head. I was 8 months preggy with my daughter CJ. Along the route some hikers expressed that they were very scared I was going to go into labor at the top of the waterfall.  Then more hikers gave me strange looks for attempting the hike.  Finally, at the half way mark my mom refused to hike any further and demanded we turn around! Bummmer. We went back down and snapped these shots.

Next, just random boats on a random rainy day in Barcelona Spain!

More Barcelona….I never pictured Barcelona to look like this… but once again we hiked to the top of a random mountain out of the little drizzle of rain, and above the whole city….

Stonehenge England, on a very rainy English-ish day! So Amazing! I’ve tried to watch the documentary about this on Netflix though, and it’s kinda boring… One of those places you just have to see!!!

And from me and my little rain coat wearing, puddle jumping, brella’ swinging babes!

 Stay warm and dry this fall Ya’LL!!!


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