Close call for Buzz

At 2:45 am this morning, I woke up to Tucker yelling something about Buzz.  I followed him outside and heard a terrible sound that I hope to never hear again in my life.  It was Buzz squealing and screaming- it was awful.   I started hyperventilating instantly, and begged Tucker not to let her die.  He fired a shot in the air- and then it was silence.  We grabbed a flashlight and started looking for our Buzzy girl, we yelled and yelled and got nothing. I felt like I was going to throw up because I had no idea what we were going to find.  When I called for her it was just too quiet.  Finally, afer 35 minutes we spotted the 2 red calves ( Buzz’s best friends) and sure enough- there was Buzz.  She must have made her way over to them, they were licking her and loving on her when we got there.  Boise (the cat) also came over and was rubbing up to Buzz.  I was balling just watching the best friends comfort eachother.  Buzz had teeth marks on her neck, and scratches on her back.  Her hind leg was ripped open pretty good.  We don’t know what attacked Buzz, but I am going to say 2 wolves.


I hardly slept last night and when I did sleep I had bad dreams about Buzz being hurt.  I woke up and hoped it was ALL a dream…but it was not.

Buzz is doing good today.  She slept in the horse trailer last night with Pizza and lots of goodies.  I think she will be just fine.  Tucker is our hero- I am certain that if he had not heard her cry for help and fired a warning shot.. Buzz would not be with us today.

My heart hurts today.


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