mini yogis

In our house we are always just popping up into random yoga poses.  I am teaching about 8 yoga classes a week now, so the kiddos help me before my classes when I’m trying to plan, or after when I come home and roll my mat out.  Ya see… this bides me some time.  When I come in the kids are like “MMMAAAMMMAAA” and run at me- trying to tackle me to the floor— it is a little scary sometimes.  It’s a good thing I was just practicing my balance for an hour.  So when I get home I strategically roll my yoga mat out, so they can play around on it for a little bit- and I can grab a bite to eat or change……. it works wonders.

CJ and Rocco — showing legs up the wall pose.  They practice this one ALOT!!!  Why??? Well,  this part of our house (right by the front door) is the naughty chair/time-out- AND the spot where we ALWAYS do legs up the wall.  Rocco has recently been getting mini time-outs…for doing things such as biting or hitting sister. He thinks time-out is hilarious… and he just sits there and laughs…. then he spins around and does “legs up the wall”…..

  Down Dog is a family fave.

Rocco is getting REEAALLLL good at Three Legged-Down Dog too.

And my sweet CJ doing Hero’s Pose and drinking chocolate milk….

Namate’ Lacy and the mini Yogis! xoxo

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