dinosaur watermelon.

So last week Pat and I had our 3 yr anniversary!!!  We woke up and he said to CJ and I to come down stairs and see the “surprise.”  This was a TOTAL surprise.  It was also CJ’s first day of preschool, so he was trying to pump her up for the day.  Both the kids were freaking out!  They didn’t even know what to think of the strange dinosaur watermelon carving.  It was truly an art form in itself.  Each bite Rocco would take he would “RAAAARRRR” and the watermelon juice would drip all down the front of him….. and all over my kitchen floor.  The watermelon was beastly, weighing in at 30lbs.. but only costing $5–amazing deal.  Pat returned later in the week to pick up two more 3olb watermelons.  One was given away… the other is on my counter waiting to be carved.  Happy Anniversary to us!!  LG

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