Spartacus. wow

I have to tell the blog world how I feel about Spartacus- the series.  Ok, it is really naughty, in every way.  It is bloody and full of dirty words, and dirty scenes but, the storyline is amazing.  The special effects are mind-blowing.  The main character…wow. His name is Andy Whitfield (in real life) and on a scale from 1-Tucker.. he is closing in at 9.387   He loves his wife so much, any girl that watches this show will be gaga-googly over him.  here he is in all of his beauty

This is he and his wifey.  She is gorg.

Anyways, he died in real life on September 11th.  He had cancer and he lost the battle.. so so sad.

They casted a new Spartacus…but I dont care.  I want the old one dang it.

Oh..I have to warn you, if you watch this show.. you are sure to have Gladiator dreams.  I had countless dreams where I was a gladiator and I was sword fighting..

Now you have been warned…GO RENT IT


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