safety firsts.

When Cutler gets behind a wheel we all worry about his safety.  He is an excellent driver but he has no fear. .  This dune racer goes 5 mph so we make sure that he always wears a helmet.  Helmets are a safety first:)

so fast that Buzz can't keep up

Buzz is a little bit depressed because on Friday night she got her nose pierced.  It is a procedure that pigs have to go through in order to keep them from rooting.  Buzz was already rooting and digging and because she is a free-range pig (lol) it was only a matter of time before she would start destroying things.  Tucker and our neighbor, Tim Garrison, roped her and put a ring in her nose to stop her from digging.  It sounds cruel and I can assure you… it is.  BUT, we love Buzz and we want her to stay around as long as possible..  the ring was a must.  I made sure I was 30 miles away because I can’t watch those types of things.  Sticking my hand in a cow is one thing, ringing my Buzzy gurl…is a whole different story.  This picture was taken today- she has made a full recovery and she got some treats from me.  carrot baby food, peaches and marshmellows.  I love that little piggers like crazy


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