never a dull moment in MT… i swear!!!

Labor Day Weekend.  We loaded up at 6:30pm friday night to drive the tedious 6+ hours up to Canyon Ferry Lake in Montana.  My lil’ road trip gurus in their Graco seats were total troopers and fell asleep right way.  I nominated myself to drive because I drank a Monster and was totally wired.  Pat started falling asleep about 9pm and my road rage/new-found fear against wild life on the road at night (we hit an elk last year.. scared the heck outa me!) == kicked in.  I elbowed the hubz a few times to wake him up and keep me company because I kept thinking I was seeing animals on the road, (could’ve been a hallucination from the Monster…. ((i drink em))… but I don’t trust those energy drinks).  Pat’s eyes and head kept doing that silly nod and bob thing that used to happen all the time in boring classes in school.  One last elbow… and the question… “hey.. want to talk about Fantasy Football?”

Smooth sailing from there.  His eyes lit up and he was full of conversation.  For MOST of the remaining 3-ish hours of the trip, we talked about fantasy football.  It was Grand.  I learned about all the rules, players, trading system….etc. The things a true fantasy footballer would study and talk about 24/7 during the season.  If your husband/boyfriend plays fantasy football for big money or big bragging rights I’m sure you can relate.  This fantasy game gets VERY INTENSE.  I feel way better about all this football banter now that I am somewhat knowledgable on the fantasy game, and it took my mind of the road kill.

whhheww.. we made it here about 1am MT time.  And this is what we did!

CJ was obsessed with the jet skiis!!

We did a mini family photoshoot:)

no editing… the water was soo pretty.

our cabin neighbors did some crazy cool face painting.

never a dull moment in the good ol’ big sky state- Montana!

3 thoughts on “never a dull moment in MT… i swear!!!

  1. OH and the face paint pics reminds me of a long time ago at the cabin when we painted pats face like a lion on night! Do u remember that?! lol!

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