Today we went on the Pirates of the Coeur d’Alene…. THE Pirate Cruise!! >>> I may have been a little more excited than the kids!  I LOVE the cruise boats.  I worked on them for 8 years….. yes 8 years… that is like a career.  Captain Grey Beard was the Bomb and all of the other pirates and hired actors were great! The kids got tons of goodies and pirate paraphernalia 🙂


Captain Grey Beard is also known as Captain Mark, Boat Dad, and Boat Grandpa.  When I was working on the boats he was like a dad to all of us.  Very good Guy!! Now he’s the head of the pirate ship and totally rocks it:)

They all got name tags, with their pirate nick-name

Makayla got right out there with the pirates for the dance and the sword fight!  Even after she got stung by a bee on the boat! it.was.classic.

It got a little heated, I’m not gonna lie!

Rocco trying to joust me with his sword!

saying ARRRRR never gets old!! LG

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