The last couple of days CJ has been carrying a play camera with her around the house taking “pictures” and holding the camera saying  “say cheese” “no say Chucky cheese” and then holding the camera a couple inches back to look at the fake pic she took and saying…”ohhhh that’s sooo cute”-  “that’s the cutest picture ever!”

takes after her mama! and her co-blogger, maybe someday mama-in-law…  nikki. hehe


The Edmundson fam went to the ponds tonight and swam.  The water was so warm, it was a perfect night for a dip.

Tucker was behind the camera for once- so there are some pictures of me and the boys…. before we got into the water. 

The summer is slipping away..and pretty soon we will be layering up to stay warm.  We are going to take advantage of the sun.  Have a wonderful last few weeks of summer everyone!


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