Here’s the dirt on Dirty Dash 2011 in Spokane WA.  It was completely crazy!  For one, we thought it was a 5k and we found out whilst in line registering …that it was in fact, a 10k.  The first obstacle was about 200 tires lined up that you had to ‘high knees’ through and then several obstacles were hay bales, pipes to climb over, balance beams, walls, tunnels, and mud pits.  At one point the course even went right into the river.. so we swam as part of the 10k.   Lets talk about the condition of the trail.. it was a trail.  not a road.   Single file- Lacy and I couldn’t even run next to each other, we had to yell out “on your left” so that people could get out of our way… we were fast and furious through that course.  I had to pull over twice though… to pee.  Lacy also had to pee at one point and she tried to be incognito in the trees and when we made our way back to the trail a guy was startled and said, “whoahh didnt expect THAT to be coming out of the woods.”  (That.. meaning lacy and nikki from lacyandnikki.wordpress.com??)  

The end of the race is a GIANT bouncey slide/water slide…it was the best part of the run.  We did not get instructions before going down the slide; Lacy and I rock-paper-scissored to see who would go first..  Lacy won, but apparently, I didn’t wait long enough..so we had a major collision in the middle of the slide causing Lacy to have an awkward collision with the lady in front of her.  It was great.

Lacy tried to ‘shallow dive’ in for the photo finish but the mud was only about 18 inches deep so she cut her hand.. I tried to base slide in one pit and scraped the top layer of skin off my knee and my ankle ..nice.

We finished strong.  Came in with a whopper time of 2 hours. We donated our shoes to the shoe cemetary where they will be cleaned and given to the needy.  LOVE THAT.

We will be doing the dash again next year with costumes to boot.  Our goal is to muddy up a little more..if thats possible. This was one of the funnest things either of us have other done.  I highly, highly recommend it:)

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