eat em’ all up!

So the first lil’ baby up top that I have seriously considered jumping through my computer to take a bite outa him cuz he’s soooooo cute…is ROGAN~! love him!

Next…. is the strawberries from the garden.  NO Editing done on the picture.. they are sooo fresh and red and delicious. 

And the cabbage was my project this morning.  I made pico de gallo!!  Super freakin spicey salsa-ey heaven in my mouthy. MI amor this recipe.

Did i mention it is EASY….  Seriously 1 step! You have to make it:)!!


    Shred with food processor cabbage and red onion into large bowl. Add: Chopped tomatoes, juice of limes and chopped up leaves from cilantro. Add remaining ingredients and stir. Can be stored in refrigerator for several days. Stir before serving.

Read more:

love ya bloggy readers! LG

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