cutty sutra..

Yesterday Tammy had a dry -erase board and she was drawing tractors for Cutler.  He was watching her draw the wheels, the driver, etc and when she finished she said, “Now what should I draw?”  Cutler answered, ” a guy and a girl….. in a bed”

Ok  I was mortified.. I jumped in and said, “Cutler where did you see a guy and a girl…in a bed?”  He didn’t really answer.  I started thinking of what the heck he ‘thought’ he saw… or where he saw it.   I thought maybe he saw a scene on the series ‘The Big C’… that I am watching right now.  It has a few naughty parts, but Cutler is NEVER in the room.  Tucker and I are very careful about what he sees on the tv. 

Cutler didn’t stop there.  He told Tammy to have the guy and girl kiss and he said, “like this” and he stuck his tongue out..  


So I am still thinking… where……………..the…………………heck….??

********BACK UP to 2009…when Tucker and I got married.  My good friend Becky Roll got us a Kama Sutra book as a wedding gift.  I had it in my closet, tucked away with some other stuff.  I havent looked at it since I unwrapped it… and truthfully, I kind of forgot about it.  Its not exactly something you leave on your coffee table.  I thought the closet was a perfect spot.  (this is embarrassing)

This morning we were getting ready for church and Tucker couldnt find Cutler.  Guess where he was..  ??

Oh yes.. he was.


and me?? mom of the year!

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