butterfly, garden….etc.

We have been super Busy the last couple days, but I managed to get a few good pix.  CJ found this pretty butterfly in our front yard and she was stoked– to say the least.  Her fave colors are black and yellow…. I can’t believe how close it let me get… and her poor lil’ wing looks hurt… maybe thats why she (assuming the butterfly is a girl) let me get close:)

CJ, Ryan, Rocco, and Wyatte getting green beans from Grandpa Don in his garden… how sweet is that?!~

Cutie CJ in the garden. thanks for the cute shirt NIKKI>>>> the nikki from lacyandnikki.wordpress.com!

I thought that quote above was cute… and it went with our week, we’ve been a movin and a grooovin’!  Hope your all having a good one! xoxo Lacy

2 thoughts on “butterfly, garden….etc.

  1. Lace! Love the pics. Beautiful kiddos:) So soon I will be home! excited to see the garden! We will have to plan a couple days to go up to the river too. I get in August 10th at 10am so hopefully we will all meet at Gpa Dons! I am gonna be there for 2 weeks this time!!! luvya xoxoxo

  2. Hey there girl! When things calm down for you a bit, I would love it if you could take Sophie’s pics for me. Maybe even a few family shots too. Let’s get together soon! Love ya!!! XOXO

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